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Engel Bakery is a Virginia's Finest Participant


Engel Bakery

Engel Bakery is a small, commercial bakery located in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. The bakery, owned and operated by baker Debbie Franklin, is known for its mouthwatering Pecan Nut Roll. During Debbie's childhood, her Swiss family members took turns each year making nut rolls during the Christmas season. The fresh ground nuts and all natural ingredients are a combination many have found irresistible. As the years passed, Debbie began making the Pecan Nut Roll as a yearly Christmas event for friends and family.  The family would not delay gathering in her kitchen in anticipation of the freshly baked nut rolls.  Debbie’s mother would literally sit by the oven waiting for the first batch to finish baking. In 1992, the nut roll was entered into the county fair where it won a blue ribbon.  With the opening of Engel Bakery, Debbie is now taking the opportunity to make this beloved pastry available to the public.

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